Discover and attend Hackathons in Northern Ireland.

AI NI HackathonAI NI Hackathon

With the rapid advancement of AI technology, it is important to use its power in ways that benefit society. We’ll provide a welcoming and collaborative environment for you to build out brilliant, innovative, and impactful ideas using AI. You’ll meet fellow hackers, learn new technologies, and work alongside seasoned mentors.

Code4GoodNI is made up of a team of volunteers from across business, academia and government and its aim is to design services for social good by using hackathons, design and innovations. Code4GoodNI is a Farset Labs project.

Thinking of attending?

There are so many good ways to use a hackathon. Are you looking to finally deliver on a project you’ve been dreaming about? Are you looking to learn a new tech stack? Do you just want to network? Are you there to WIN?

You’ll have more control over your experience at the hackathon if you come in with a team pre-formed. Some hackathons have Slack channels, Facebook groups, etc. set up prior the event, which can be a great way to find teammates. A lot of people will form teams when they arrive at a hackathon, so it’s worth attending even without an existing team.